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Wednesday, 06/11/2014 - 06:09 am EST

Well, Bless His Bleeding Liberal Hypocritical Heart....Danny Glover Wants A Tax Break.

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Awwww.  Danny Glover.  Remember when he wanted to be BFFs with Hugo Chavez?  That was neat.  He's always been an uber-liberal guy in Hollyweird, and  now he's leading a rally in San Francisco on Saturday to "support improving California’s film-TV tax credit at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel."

He wants TAX BREAKS now, y'all.  Isn't that just RICH?  I'll let you soak that in for a second.  Tax breaks for HIM and HIS profession, of course.  

The 10 a.m. rally — a first for Northern California — will also include appearances by The Meehan Bros. from “Last Comic Standing”; San Francisco Film Commission exec director Susannah Greason Robbins, assembly members Marc Levine and Rob Bonta; San Francisco supervisors David Chiu and Mark Farrell; Teamsters VP Rome Aloise;  IATSE Local 16 VP Eddie Raymond and Fairmont HotelsVP Thomas Klein.

The campaign is aimed at pressuring state legislators to sweeten the current program, which is capped at $100 million a year and 20% of production costs — smaller than rival incentive programs in Georgia, Louisiana and New York.

“Nearly 40 other states and 30 other nations offered nearly $1.5 billion in tax incentives last year to lure jobs and wages out of California, and the percentage of films made in California has gone from 66% to 40% in just a few years,” a flyer for the event said.

Gee, Danny.  Could that be, maybe, because your state is run by liberal Democrats who believe in taxing the crap out of people?  

No wonder actors are paid so much....they're just so much SMARTER than regular people.

Thank goodness Danny is ON THIS.  Really.



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