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Thursday, 06/12/2014 - 06:31 am EST

Chicago Public Schools, Everyone. Read It And Weep.

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According to this, Paul Robeson High School (a public Chicago school) has this as their 2014 prom theme:

Yeah. That's for real.

An investigative reporter by the name of Chuck Goudie posted that on his Facebook page, to show just how wretched that school is.  It's on the south side of Chicago, in one the most impoverished and dangerous areas of the city. Only 6 out of every 10 freshmen graduate.

And the average teacher salary in the Chicago Public School system?  SEVENTY SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS ANNUALLY.  The teachers' union there negotiated 17% raises for themselves over the last 3 years.  And these are the results.

And that's another reason that I want to punch unions in the face. And it's another reason I want to punch people who are opposed to school choice in the face.

Paul Robeson High School's "Housekeeping" page says, "The building opens at 7:00AM each school and classes start at 8:00AM promptly."

Each school.....what?

And on the same page there are two LITERACY ADMINISTRATORS listed, you guys.  Towana Butler and Hawa Jones have their work cut out for them, apparently.

On the mission and vision page?  It says, "The school emblem is the SHIELD which is known for it's toughness and durability as well as its ability to protect its holder from opposition and other perils thrown in its direction."

Paul Robeson High School needs a remedial punctuation lesson.  But hey, three out of four correct isn't bad, right?

The principal's message isn't much better.  It reads in part, "While most of Robeson's students come from economically and socially disadvantaged households and trailing in many subject matters, Robeson remains in the forefront for preparing each student for post-secondary success and beyond! We love you to life!!"

I don't even want to know what that dude makes, because it'll just make me want to punch more people in the face.

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