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Tuesday, 06/10/2014 - 07:23 am EST

This Is Sex Ed In Middle School Now. THIS.

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According to this, a middle school in California, Pine Valley Middle School, presented a slide show to 8th graders for sex education.  The presentation included information about the "Top Conception Myths" and was organized by Mountain Empire Family Medicine.

And while parents didn't take particular issue with the information presented, many were positively outraged by the accompanying memes. 

Case in point.

That's the blurred out version, because the unblurred out version is vile.  I probably don't need to tell you that dude's face is bloody. That was in a presentation for 8th graders, y'all.
Once the parents started flipping out, AS ANY PARENT WITH A BRAIN WOULD, the school, and Mountain Health, went into def con damage control mode.  The CEO of Mountain Health sent the local news station a statement which read in part (emphasis mine):
"We understand and appreciate that some members of our community have voiced concern about a sex education presentation delivered by Mountain Health to Pine Valley Middle School. Our organization responded to a specific request by the Mountain Empire School District for this presentation. Mountain Health recognizes the sensitivity of such material and worked actively with the school district to assure that all information was pre-screened and approved prior to presentation.  We work closely with schools in our region to help all community members stay informed on health issues. We are reviewing the content of the presentation with a special attention to the specific images that have concerned some parents."
Seriously?  They need to REVIEW THE IMAGES to try to figure out why they may have concerned parents?  Are these people complete morons?

So while Mountain Health blamed the school system for approving their presentation, the school system blamed something called the "Pupil Services Department."  School superintendent Dr. Kathy Granger said the curriculum was approved by the PSD, and that it is "factually and medically accurate."

So mnaaa!
But then she said, "We will continue to review materials and collaborate with Mountain Health to ensure that the instruction that is delivered is age appropriate with an emphasis on abstinence as the best way to prevent pregnancy and HIV/Aids infection."
Dr. Granger said that the presentation was already modified for future classes, but insisted that "comprehensive" sexual health instruction is mandated and that the curriculum may be previewed by parents in advance.
Show of hands of people who think any parent previewed the meme above? In fact, show of hands of people who think parents were informed that the curriculum was available for preview?

Other images included in the presentation showed a bunch of young men with a caption, "Douche Bag" and another showed a man on all fours, with a woman standing on top of him, which read, "girl on top can still get pregnant."

Someone in California involved in educating students thought these were appropriate.


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