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Sunday, 05/25/2014 - 06:16 pm EST

Conyers Fails To Get Enough Signatures For Primary, Judge Lets It Slide.

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Perhaps it's not polite to say it, but Rep. John Conyers is kind of a moron.

If you need evidence, just look right here, when he flat out MADE UP clauses in the constitutions.  Or right here, where he admits in an open forum that he doesn't read legislation before voting on it.  Or right here, where he shares his delight at being able to meet with socialists, who have so much in common with him and the Obama administration. Or here, where he explains that illegal immigrants aren't illegal, they're just "out of status citizens."

Yeah.  The dude's a moron.  And the people of Michigan were THIS CLOSE to having the 85 year old Conyers out of office, where he's "served" since NINETEEN SIXTY FIVE, you guys.  But alas, a judge ordered his name to be placed on the August primary ballot after all, even after MI election officials said he didn't get enough signatures on his nominating petitions.

Conyers needed 1000 signatures, but since a bunch of the people who gathered the names weren't registered voters themselves, or they listed false addresses, many of the names were thrown out, leaving him short by around 400.  But a judge agreed with the ACLU in Michigan who said his right to free speech was harmed, or something. So yeah, he's back in, and will likely be voted in easily by the same idiots who have been voting him in for nearly 50 years (he usually gets around 80% of the vote.)

Term limits, anyone?

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