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Saturday, 05/24/2014 - 03:00 pm EST

Planned Parenthood Has A "Clergy Advocacy Board," And They Say That Aborting Your Baby Is Supported By Christians And Jews...

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Planned Parenthood is in the religion business, y'all.  WHO KNEW?  I didn't.  I mean, I knew they were in the abortion business - to the tune of 1 million abortions in the past three years alone - and they're obviously in the money-making business, seeing as how they have a "very comfortable income, reporting excess revenues exceeding $87 million and net assets of more than $1.2 billion."  (But THERE'S NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE.  MOVE ALONG, because taxpayers have given them a "record $542 million in fiscal 2012.")

But now?  Well, now I find out that in addition to all that taking and money-making and whatnot, they're in the GOD business, too.  Huh.  They're now telling chicks that God doesn't mind that they're killing their babies.

Yeah.  They're doing that.  ON OUR DIME.

Get a load of this crock of absolute monkey crap.  It's a "Pastoral Letter" sent out by Planned Parenthood, letting women know that it's totally O.K. for them to kill their unborn babies.  Really.  God's cool with that, according to the church of Planned Parenthood, which is led by the following "clergy" folks:

Chairperson Rabbi Jon Adland (Reform Jewish); Vice Chair Rev. Susan Russell (Episcopal); Rev. David Ames (Episcopal); Rev. Tom Davis (United Church of Christ); Rev. Dr. Gawain de Leeuw (Episcopal); Rev. Kevin Jones (Baptist); Rev. Dr. Daniel Kanter (Unitarian); Rev. Vincent Lachina (American Baptist); Rev. Jeremy Lopez, United Church of Christ; Rev. Janet Maykus (Christian Church DOC); Rev. Mark Pawlowski (Presbyterian); Rabbi Dennis Ross (Reform Jewish); Dr. Scott Sattler (Universal Sufism); Rabbi Peter Stein (Reform Jewish); and Ani Zonneveld (Muslims for Progressive Values).

And here's their letter in its entirety:

Dear Friend:
The decision to have an abortion is personal. Though your reasons may be complicated and private, you’re not alone. As religious leaders from a number of religious traditions, we’re here to support you in your decision.
Many people wrongly assume that all religious leaders disapprove of abortion. The truth is that abortion is not even mentioned in the Scriptures - Jewish or Christian - and there are clergy and people of faith from all denominations who support women making this complex decision.
The beliefs of each person are deserving of respect, and each person deserves care and compassion. No one should be allowed to force their faith teachings on anyone else. We believe this decision is yours, made with your doctor and anyone else you choose to bring into the conversation, such as a spouse, partner, parent, or clergy person.
Our religious traditions have somewhat different opinions about abortion, but we share some basic understandings:
No one knows the circumstances of your life as well as you know them; no one knows what’s in your heart better than you. Allow yourself to be at peace with your decision.
God loves you and is with you no matter what you decide. You can find strength, understanding, and comfort in that love.
If you’d like to speak with a clergyperson, your local Planned Parenthood health center
can refer you to someone who will be supportive of you and your decision. Your privacy will be protected and all conversations will be completely confidential.
Our hope for you is for peace in your heart.


The Clergy Advocacy Board
Planned Parenthood

Aside from the fact that this letter is COMPLETELY WACK, I'd like to know why my tax dollars are going to a now-religious organization.  I mean - this letter is from a "clergy advocacy board," directed at chicks who are going to terminate lives. Last time I checked, I thought liberals were against that whole church-being-intertwined-with-state thing, and I definitely thought that they didn't like God being all up in their business.  So, why (on God's green earth) do I have to pay for Planned Parenthood to be doling out religious information to these chicks who want some sort of sick validation for killing their unborn?  It's bad enough I have to pay for their damn abortions. Can't they get spiritual counseling on their own time?  And dime?

Then there's that whole wrong religious information thing.  I don't have a "Rev" or "Dr." before my name, but I do know how to read, and I remember something about the sixth commandment stating that thou shalt not kill.  But I suppose when you've sold your soul to Planned Parenthood and are on the "Clergy Advocacy Board," twisting scripture to suit your twisted political agenda is totally OK.

But my favorite part of all?  The part that says, "No one should be allowed to force their faith teachings on anyone else."

Mmmm hmmm.  Except if you're the Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board, of course.  In that case, you can take gobs of taxpayer money, kill babies at will, and then shove a bunch of lies down the throats of women - all standing on the premise of GOD.



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