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Tuesday, 05/06/2014 - 08:45 am EST

Liberal Feminist Films Herself Having An Abortion. Because GIRL POWER.

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Emily Letts - a patient advocate and counselor in New Jersey - got pregnant, decided to have an abortion, and then decided to film it so she could show other chicks that it's "not scary."   It's sort of like a little advertisement for how liberating abortion is. 

I think 25-year old Emily best sums up the little film's theme at the end when she's done terminating the life of her baby and she says, "Cool."

You can watch for yourself:

Unlike a lot of pro-lifers out there, this video doesn't make me mad at all.  It just makes me devastatingly, viscerally sad for her, the baby that she just terminated, and for so many other women in this country who buy into this load of crap that she's selling.  This chick is 25 years old, and she has no clue what she's really doing here. She comes across as a weak, pathetic sheep who is just repeating what she's been fed her whole life by a bunch of misguided liberal feminists. 
And that's evident by her words clashing with her actions. 
Emily just ended a life.  And yet, she says she talks to women who say, "Of course everyone feels bad about this...of course everyone's going to feel guilty.  As if it's a given how people SHOULD feel about this...that what they're doing is wrong.
Ponder that for a second. 
Then she continues with how she feels, rather than what she SHOULD feel, apparently: "I don't feel like a bad person, I don't feel sad, I feel in awe of the fact that I can make a baby, I can make a life...I knew that what I was going to do was right.  Because it was right for me and no one else."
So, she's in awe of the fact that she can create a life.  She's in awe of the fact that she can make a baby and a life.  She's in AWE OF IT.  But the fact that she just terminated said life completely escapes her. The "should" of all of this completely and totally freaking escapes her.  Because that's how this chick's been programmed.  That's what society's actually put into her brain.  It's her choice, you see.  It's her right.  It's her BODY, dontchaknow.  So what she just did?  She just did something that was RIGHT FOR HER AND NO ONE ELSE, because it's all about her.  Never mind the person that she just terminated. 
Read her words again.  Or listen to her again, if you can stomach it.   And then read/listen to them again.  They're the most contradictory, selfish, nonsensical bunch of words thrown together I think I've read in I can't remember how long.  And I've read a lot of crap coming from liberal feminists over the past 5+ years.  They're not empowering.  They're weak.  And if those words don't sound like someone who just did a terrible thing and is either 1) trying to rationalize or 2) has zero sense of accountability for her actions, I don't know what do. 
Bottom line is that this is some sick sh*t they're trying to sell to young women.  And it's the antithesis of empowering.
Now, if she was looking for other women to pity her? Then she succeeded.  Because that's where I'm at after watching this video.
Bravo once again, liberal feminists, for setting the bar so low.


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