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Sunday, 03/09/2014 - 11:02 am EST

Liberals Are Offended By This Ad. And I Think It's Awesome.

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Apparently, liberals are offended by this ad.  It gives them the sads, you guys. 

Watch it and tell me what you think....

I'll tell you what I think.


I love it, because it basically says, "AMERICA IS THE SHIZNIT.  TAKE A WHIFF."

I want to literally jump into this commercial, high-five this guy, and then high-five America.  This ad actually makes me even want to work harder than I already do - which is somewhat insane, given my already crazy work schedule - and it somewhat inspires me, in that it makes me remember that I'm fortunate enough to be a part of that thing called the American free market, and that I can - still - possibly enjoy the fruits of my labor one day because of all of said hard work.

And it's not about the STUFF, for crying out loud.  It's about the exceptionalism.  I believe that was at least the partial goal of the ad, so they succeeded with me, anyway. Because I got it.

But liberals?  They're offended by it.  (I know....yawn, right?  When are liberals NOT offended?)

In case your eyes aren't rolling so hard that they're stabbing your brain, I'll tell you why.  It's because what you see in the ad is UNFAAAAAIR, at least to pinko commies in this country.  The dude in the suit?  Well, he has nice stuff, and some people who work hard never get the stuff that guy-with-the-Cadillac has.  Therefore, liberals want the ad to be pulled, because we can't have people without nice stuff seeing people with nice stuff.  THE HORROR.

So the natural liberal solution here is to pretend that people who work hard and get nice stuff don't exist.  Because that's sane.  Mmm hmm.

Again, this isn't about the stuff, y'all.  It's about America being exceptional, and dude-in-the-suit pointing that out.  Bragging about it, even.  That makes liberals uncomfortable, because they're offended by the very notion of American exceptionalism. Which really irritates the ever-living crap out of me - just FYI.

The fact that liberals want the ad to be pulled makes me want to work hard enough to be able to buy the biggest, most expensive, most gas-guzzling freaking Escalade that Cadillac makes. And then honk and wave at sad, envious liberals as I drive by, smiling about how exceptional of a country America still is.

Which is the END goal of the ad, I suppose - so bravo, Cadillac.  Well played.



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