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Monday, 02/17/2014 - 08:12 am EST

UAW Just Got Punched In The Face.

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I'm not going to lie - I totally smirked when I read this.  I might've even snickered a little. 

I've not made it a secret that I have a lot of disdain for unions, particularly those which spend billions of dollars helping to elect idiots who come up with stuff like Obamacare, and then turn around and cry about how they need to be exempted from stuff like Obamacare.

Which is why it gave me some glees to learn that workers at a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee have voted AGAINST being represented by a union in what some are calling a "devastating defeat" for the United Auto Workers union.  And that defeat was even sweeter to me, because it was apparently a bit of a surprise to labor union supporters.  One labor attorney in Detroit, who previously worked for SEIU, in fact, said, "This is like an alternate universe where everything is turned upside down. This vote was essentially gift-wrapped for the union by Volkswagen."

And UAW president Bob King is so upset that he told workers that the union "has no long-term future without" a southern plant, and lotsa folks looked at VW as UAW's only real shot to get traction in the South. 

But the employees voted, and 53% of them voted to keep UAW out.  Naturally, Bob King is outraged and is not ruling out taking this up with the NLRB, because unions only like votes when they're in their favor.

And speaking of union suckage, according to this, guess who six of the top 10 political donors in American politics are? If you guessed the Koch Brothers, or the NRA, you'd have to look at the folks listed in the top SIXTY donors.  13 of the top 20 donors are unions. ALL of them give pretty much exclusively to Democrats.  And yet liberals complain about big business and the Koch Brothers and the NRA?  Just look at the record.  It's pretty inescapable.

So yeah - color me happy that employees in the south are keeping the unions' grubby paws out of their workplaces. 
I suspect that somehow, some way, Volkswagen and BMW (South Carolina) and Mercedes (Alabama) and Kia (Georgia) and Hyundai (Georgia) and Nissan (Tennessee) will survive without needing a freaking TAXPAYER BAILOUT to save them, unlike the union-strangled car makers in MI and elsewhere.

/end rant.


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