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Thursday, 12/26/2013 - 09:59 am EST

Yeah. This'll Help Your Cause, You Psychos.

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So guess what happened in Cologne, Germany during Christmas mass?  Liberal feminist wackjobs, that's what.  Behold:

I made the mistake of visiting the website run by the lunatics involved in this protest.  It's called FEMEN, and it's seriously sick and twisted. 
Here's how they described their effort:
Sextremist of FEMEN Germany Josephine foiled Christmas mass in the main cathedral Kölner Dom of Cologne. In the presence of thousands of audience activist climbed onto the altar of the cathedral , protesting against the Vatican propaganda about criminalization of abortion. FEMEN requires the Vatican elders and their fanatical followers to stop producing medieval chimeras and edit their rotten dogma in accordance with the modern world and human rights. Maniacal desire to control fertility ability of women have in common religion with national socialism , nationalism and other antediluvian anti-humanist ideologies.
Europe , wake up , you have to be an idiot to take seriously these sermons parody inquisitors . Everything smells of rot should be buried immediately ! Long live woman ! Long live the science !
Where's the tolerance, I ask you? 
FEMEN, in case you're wondering, is an international organization described as follows:

FEMEN is an international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers.

FEMEN female activists are the women with special training, physically and psychologically ready to implement the humanitarian tasks of any degree of complexity and level of provocation. FEMEN activists are ready to withstand repressions against them and are propelled by the ideological cause alone. FEMEN is the special force of feminism, its spearhead militant unit, modern incarnation of fearless and free Amazons.

It's a "special force of feminism," you guys.  And they call themselves brave.  What a complete joke.

Do these harpies actually believe they converted anyone's thinking when they protested mass?  Do they think they made any progress in their stated objective?  Because unless their mission is to have people across the world mock their uselessness, they're a huge, massive, contemptible failure.

Good job, harpies.

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