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Chicks on the Right
Friday, 12/13/2013 - 07:38 pm EST

Bill de Blasio Confident That Progressivism Is Sweeping The Nation. Awesome.

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According to this, NYC's new mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, who as we've told you before is a total commie, went to DC today along with a few handfuls of other newly-elected mayors to meet Obama.  And he emerged from the meeting convinced that Obama is all kinds of awesome and ready to help him and other mayors fight the "crisis of inequality."  de Blasio is all excited to "organize and amplify" the mission of fighting this inequality.

And since he's a total commie, he's very interested in warping people at as early of an age as possible.  He said, "There was real passion in the president’s voice when he talked about how fundamental it is to move forward an early education agenda in this country and I think we all now know clearly that he will be a partner in all we need to do."  He also said that childhood education is one of the "breakthrough things we have to do to change the dynamics."

Also discussed at the meeting was "extending unemployment insurance and the potential benefits of raising the minimum wage."  Because progressives' idea of equality is taking the money of productive people and giving it to those who either can't or won't be productive, but who expect to be compensated handsomely for their lack of productivity. 

Brilliant plan you've got there, progressives.

de Blasio apparently won't rest until progressivism truly does sweep the nation.  “What I think we have to do is something that reaches down more to the grassroots … a real effort to reach Americans in each and every part of this country to say this is a national imperative” he said.

These are the kinds of radicals that people are electing now, y'all.

Apathy is not an option. Conservatives need to get louder, prouder, and rowdier about doing their own grassroots activism. Because we have logic and reason and rightness on our side, and that's an automatic huge advantage.



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