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Chicks on the Right
Tuesday, 09/24/2013 - 09:09 am EST

Look At This Picture IMMEDIATELY Before I Tell You How Much People Suck

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So, Mitt and Ann Romney sent out a tweet about their newest grandchild, Kieran James.  He was adopted on Friday.  And OMG, y'all, LOOK AT HIS SWEET FACE HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT TO KISS IT:

He is their latest grandchild - something to be OVERJOYED and delighted and just elated about, right?  So very blessed, indeed.

Well, this is LIBERALS we're talking about, and you know how TOLERANT and COMPAAAAAAAASIONATE they are.  The New York Daily News was quick to point out that "the former Republican presidential candidate and governor of Massachusetts has apparently lost count of his rather large family." 

Gee, NY Daily News...thanks for letting the Romneys know that there's a cap on family size now, you commie douchecanoes!

And one batcrap crazy liberal gem exclaimed on Twitter, "They are gonna slave that child.”  Because liberals.  You know.

And then there were these lovely sentiments.  Because more TOLERANCE and COMPAAAAAAAASION from that party who claims to be the intellectually superior one.  Behold the superiority at its finest:


The most despicably disgusting and repulsive thing?  Liberals would've preferred that the PRECIOUS baby boy pictured above was aborted.  Yep.  Never allowed to live a day on this earth - because THAT would've been the preferable "choice" for this beautiful child.  Yet Romney's family is somehow getting crap slung at them for adopting him and giving him a loving, wonderful family and what will without a doubt be an amazing life.

Welcome to progressive bizarro world, folks. 




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