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Saturday, 09/21/2013 - 12:01 pm EST

Got Questions About Common Core? Don't Ask Them Out Loud, Because You Might Get Arrested. FYI.

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Check out what happened to a concerned dad trying to get information about Common Core at a public forum held to inform parents about Common Core.

Michelle Malkin provides more details right here.  She received an email from a parent who was at that Baltimore County, Maryland meeting, and witnessed this whole thing go down.  The email ssays that the meeting was essentially a 90 minute peptalk about how great Common Core is, and then the panel was to answer written questions submitted by the parents.  NONE of the questions they chose to answer were of substance - they were all just softballs.  And that's when the dad in the video above couldn't take it anymore, and demanded answers.
Apparently, though, getting your questions answered is frowned upon, and led to this dad's arrest. Not only that, but he was charged with 2nd degree assault of a police officer, which could actually get him up to TEN YEARS IN JAIL.   
Watch the video again, and tell me we're still a free country.
Here's a recap from the Baltimore Sun:

Robert Small said he wanted to express his dismay over the introduction of a new school curriculum at a public forum Thursday night in Towson, but instead the Ellicott City parent was pulled out of the meeting, arrested and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer.

Small stood and interrupted Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance during a question-and-answer session and began to tell the audience that he believed the new curriculum was lowering the standards of education and was intended to prepare students for community colleges. “You are not preparing them for Harvard,” he said.

The format of the forum did not allow the public to stand and ask a question. Instead, those who wanted questions answered had to write them on a piece of paper. Dance read the questions and had members of a panel, which included state schools Superintendent Lillian Lowery, answer them.

When Small started speaking, Dance told him that he believed his question would be answered, but Small continued to talk. After a couple of minutes, a security guard confronted Small, saying, “Let’s go. Let’s go.”

Small, 46, asked him if he was an officer and the security guard, an off-duty Baltimore County police officer, showed him a badge. The officer grabbed Small’s arm and pulled him toward the aisle. The audience gasped and some people sitting nearby got out of their seats.

As he was being taken out, Small said, “Don’t stand for this. You are sitting here like cattle.” Then he said, “Is this America?”

Here's what Small said (in case it was difficult to make out);

“I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college…..Parents, take control. We’re sick of this. This is not a CNN political game. This is a public town hall… Listen, don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public…. Parents, you need to question these people….Do the research, it’s online.”

Don't be cattle, everyone.  Demand answers.  You have the right to stand up for your family and your kids.
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