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Monday, 07/01/2013 - 10:12 am EST

Wendy Davis Is Offended By The Truth, Everyone. Just FYI.

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Wendy is OFFENDED, everyone.  She's offended because Rick Perry DARED to say something out loud that was true.  Wendy Davis is the mother of two.  She was a teenage mother.  And despite obstacles, she chose to have her children, got herself a damn good education (Harvard Law, anyone?), and look at her now.  She's wearing catheters on the Texas Senate floor, fighting for women to abort late-term babies.  

Talk about coming a long way, huh?

She's OFFENDED that Rick Perry would bring up the fact that she's the mother of two children, and she's OFFENDED that Rick Perry would bring up the fact that her own mother chose to not abort her.  And then she goes a step further and says that she's OFFENDED for all the women in Texas, because Rick Perry is disrespecting them by pointing out how freaking absurd it is for a teenage mother - who chose to not abort her children and ended up being the poster-woman for success in spite of being a teenage mother - was the choice to champion the cause of abortion.  Wendy feels as though ALL women should have the "same choices as her," when, in fact, if they didn't kill their late-term unborn babies, they WOULD be making the same choice as her.  And she doesn't even realize the stupidity in what she's spewing.

You see, to liberals, the truth is offensive.  But taking scissors to the spinal cord of a 20-week human being in the womb?  Totally not offensive.  

Just so we're all clear on the difference.  

Since we're all having a share-fest here about what we're offended by, you know what offends me?  The notion that I truly believe that Davis has NOT READ THE FREAKING BILL.  That would be SB No. 5.

Because if she read the bill, then she'd know that what she's fighting for is completely bogus.

If you're wanting to read the bill, please do so here.  And if you're reading this, Wendy, I encourage you to take your pink tennies off, drop the catheter for a bit, stop being offended for 5 minutes, and you can read it, too!

You're welcome.

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