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Thursday, 06/06/2013 - 07:26 am EST

The Democrat Party Founded The KKK

Written by 

I figured that post title would get your attention.  And if it didn't, Zo will.

Democrats believe it's O.K. to "force debt unto an unborn child," they were the originators of that whole "oppose civil rights!" thing, and they presently call conservatives of color "Uncle Toms."  Because that's TOTALLY acceptable to them.  

They're "backward-minded bullies," you see. 

Zo is pure brilliance in this video.  Pure, honest, brilliance.  From the discussion about Democrats being the party that founded the KKK that opposed civil rights that was all about eugenics that now believes in forcing debt unto an unborn child and calling conservatives of color "Uncle Toms" and being "backward minded bullies" who spew a bunch of B.S. about Jesus being a socialist.  That one always makes me giggle.  Especially because they took God out of their platform and only use Jesus when it's conveeeeeeenient for them to do so.  You know.

Nothing to see here, lobotomized lemmings. Move along.

And now, the IRS has apparently "forbidden Rachel from owning a savings account after they notified him that he made too many transfers from savings to checking (seriously?). Now the author and musician can ONLY hold checking accounts. That in itself is outrageous (the government can tell you what kind of bank account you can and can’t own?) but the outrage doesn’t end there. Recently Rachel awoke to discover the California state tax board had completely drained his checking account of every dime…without warning, notification or even any charges.

In the video Rachel says he’s not sure if the IRS is behind it yet, “but I do know California is big on hating Republicans. And California is big on the state and federal government taking from others.

BULLIES.  Wolves dressed in sheep's clothing.  These are the same kind of people that come to our page and obsess over Mock and my appearances and call us fat/skinny/bimbos/sluts/c*nts and then scream out of the other side of their gaping pieholes about a "War on Women" in the last election....the same people that call themselves "open-minded" liberals, yet they'll spend all day trying to take our Facebook page down.   Mmmm hmmmm.

We feel your pain, Zo.   We've lived it first-hand and know exactly what you're experiencing. 

BULLIES.  Plain and simple.

And they're the worst kind of pathetic.   Because they can't even see the hypocrisy that's dripping right off them...


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