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Friday, 03/29/2013 - 01:16 pm EST

This Is What Planned Parenthood Believes, You Guys. They Believe In "Post-Birth" Abortion.

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This is just absolutely unbelievable.

Here's the thing.  "Post-birth abortion" is just a really ridiculous way of making "murder" sound more palatable.
Our pal Matt Walsh described this video well:
I hardly ever ask you to share things. But please share this. Every single person who watches it, please share it. For anyone who has been paying attention, this should not come as a shock. Even so, this video is revealing.
A Planned Parenthood official is called in front of the Florida legislature to voice her opposition to a bill that would require abortion clinics to provide medical care to an infant that is BORN ALIVE during an abortion. Planned Parenthood thinks it should have the right -- and it would appear it has many times acted on this "right" -- to kill the child as it lays on the table, breathing and moving.
The official says that, for one thing, bringing the baby to a hospital could be difficult "logistically". For another, the decision to MURDER A LIVE INFANT should be "up to the mother and the health care provider". Watch the video. If you support Planned Parenthood, this is what you support. Don't hide from it. This is you. This is on you. You endorse the murder of live infants. That's your position.
This is what our tax money goes to. This is what our government funds.
It's time to draw some damn lines. Either you oppose the murder of babies or you don't. If you don't, you disgust me. Your opinion on everything else is illegitimate. If you lack the moral clarity and courage to oppose in ALL CASES ANY ORGANIZATION THAT CLAIMS THE RIGHT TO MURDER INFANTS, you are a fool and a coward. Period.

FOR REAL. If you're anything like the chick representing Planned Parenthood in the video, and you're whining about what "logistical difficulties" might arise from having to transport a living, struggling baby to a hospital, you deserve no better than the fate you're recommending for the baby.


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