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Thursday, 03/07/2013 - 12:15 pm EST

Here’s One Of The (Criminals) Democrats Who Wants To Take Away Your Guns. Just FYI.

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See this criminal?  Her name is Rhonda (Marshall) Fields.  She was arrested in 1976 for larceny.  And she was arrested AGAIN in 1991 for shoplifting.

And then, wouldn’t you know it – she became a State Representative of Colorado.  Because Democrats.  You know.

While she’s been in office, Fields has “sought to limit Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”  Because of COURSE a two-time criminal and politician (but I repeat myself) wants to take away your guns.  Makes total sense.  

An apparent mugshot of Fields was posted to the Magpul Industries Facebook page by a private user after legislation to limit gun magazine capacity, which was cosponsored by Fields, drove the company to announce that it was closing its doors in Colorado and moving out of state.


And look at all the work she’s done to strip folks of their Second Amendment rights:

Rep. Fields has sponsored multiple gun control bills currently under debate in the Colorado Legislature, including legislation to ban on magazines with the capacity to hold more than 15 rounds, criminalize the private sale or transfer of a firearm without a background check, ban on concealed carry permits on college campuses, and increase background check fees.  

And let’s not downplay her support and co-sponsorship of Sen. Evie Hudak’s legislation (you remember that hosebeast, don’t  you?), “which would not only strip anyone subject to a restraining order of their Second Amendment rights, but would also require the same to relinquish any firearms they own to the state." 

"Additionally, Fields was the sole sponsor in the House to sign on to Sen. John Morse's (D-Colorado Springs) legislation to institute civil liability on firearms manufacturers, sellers, and owner for any damage incurred through the use of their firearms.

Despite her criminal history, Rep. Fields has previously received campaign donations from the Aurora Police Association." 

Yep.  You read that correctly.  Just another day in Colorado, folks.

Great job on setting the bar super-high there, Democrats!  Nice work.

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