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Thursday, 02/21/2013 - 10:25 am EST

Nanny State Tale O’ The Day!

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We all know that the UK is a big ol’ nanny state these days, and those of us with Actual Brains in our heads also know that the United States is steadily careening towards that same fate, slowly and painfully, but surely

And we solidify that fate every freaking time we elect Democrats into office.


Today’s UK’s-nanny-state-sucks-monkeyballs-story-o’-the-day is about Heather Frost, a chick who has 11 children – which she started having at age 14, mind you (with a dude who was 23), and apparently just kept on having more kids.  And simply because she has the ability to reproduce with her ladyparts and all, she’s “eligible for certain support from the British government.  Taxpayers there found out this week that those benefits include the construction of a custom-built, six-bedroom house on a piece of land worth around $300,000. They were further flabbergasted to discover that despite the amount of assistance she's getting from the government, Frost still has enough pocket change to pay for the care and feeding of a pet horse, to the tune of about $300 a month. She's as yet unrepentant, saying "I'd love to have more kids if I could.


Here's a picture of Heather and her 11 children (a lively bunch indeed):

You can read more about her story here, and it’ll surely piss you off, if you’re one of those taxpaying suckers like me who works hard and doesn’t believe that other taxpayers owe me a huge home and the LUXURY OF STABLING A FREAKING HORSE.

But, you see, that’s entitlement mentality, y'all.  It's a CANCER, it's ruining the U.K., and it's on its way to ruining America.  That’s what happens when the takers outweigh the makers, and the folks who work hard end up giving and giving and giving, and get taken advantage of as much as humanly possible.  It's what happens when the once-stigmatized welfare state becomes the acceptable, cultural norm.  I mean, it’s not even EMBARRASSING for this woman to have 11 kids from God-knows-how-many-fathers, and it’s even less embarrassing to her to literally steal money from other people to live a life that her working-folk-sugar daddies can't even imagine living.  Why, you ask?  Because THEY'RE TOO DAMN BUSY PAYING FOR THIS LAZY SACK OF CRAP and her 11 kids.

But conservatives are mean, everyone.  That’s the narrative, folks, and the left will stick to it no matter what kind of corruption they see.  And they'll stick to it up until the point that they RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY.



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