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Thursday, 02/21/2013 - 02:07 pm EST

Don't Take It From Me, Take It From Black Conservatives.

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So, have y’all ever read Mychal Massie?  Because he’s all sorts of awesomesauce.  His new column is about how absolutely AWFUL Obama and Obama’s policies have been for black people.  Many of them, unfortunately, as evidenced by the way they keep insisting on voting, don’t seem to CARE that he’s making their lives worse. They just listen to him and to the complicit mainstream media, who keep insisting that everything bad is Republicans’ fault, and they keep pulling the Democrat lever at the polls.  It’s like Jews voting for Democrats.  It’s masochistic, but it’s predictably commonplace.

ANYWAY, the entire column, entitled “America Elected A Color Not A Leader” is fantastic, but these were my favorite choice bits:

“Not only does Obama not lead but neither does he inspire people (especially young blacks) to be better. Under Obama people are not motivated to be better; they are motivated to follow the path of generational failure.

The myth that Obama inspires young blacks to be president is pure Pollyanna.
If Obama inspired young blacks, it would be reflected in their test scores and by their social behavior. But instead we see increased illiteracy, increased unemployment, increased abortions, increased disregard for social propriety, increased gang violence, and increased flash mobs.”

And this:

“Something a successful leader understands very well is that division, especially racial discord, is the death knell to having a successful team. But Obama not only panders to racial discord, he also feeds on it.

Obama was elected the leader of the United States, but rather than lead he has fragmented; and he has fomented racial hostilities, racial partisanship, and racial demagoguery.”

And this:

“His minions have bludgeoned critics into silence with accusations of racism and bigotry directed at any and all who dare to disagree with his policies. Such racial demagoguery has served not only to blunt criticism by whites, but also it has encouraged a malevolent mindset amongst many blacks that says if Obama can disrespect whitey so can they. And thus we see the rise in flash mobs that specifically target white merchants and an increase in black belligerence directed at heretofore acceptable social norms.

Obama and his minions have preyed on the ignorance of those who foolishly applauded the election of a color juxtaposed to the election of a man capable of leading and uniting the country. And Obama has used that to silence critics and institute policies that no other man or woman could remotely hope to get away with.”

And finally this, with my favorite line emphasised:

“I submit that America’s mistake was electing a color in the guise of a would-be, hoped-for leader. Had America dismissed color and opted instead for a leader with proven ability to unite the people we would be better off today. But America elected a color who practices class warfare and the denunciation of those who are successful.


I’m tired of having a color as president. I want a leader. And I’m determined to continue doing everything in my power to combat the race mongering, racial partisanship, and the racial politics of the color pretending to be leader of America.”

I’m so thankful that people like Mychal Massie exist in the world.  And that there are other black conservatives like him, who are speaking out more and more.  Like this:

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