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Wednesday, 02/20/2013 - 09:00 am EST

My Favorite Person Of The Day

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According to this, John David Dyche is basically a badass.

I shall henceforth refer to him as JDD, because I’ve amused myself already this morning by singing, “I’m down with JDD (Yeah- you know me!)" in my head.

Plus, it’s quicker to type.


JDD has been a conservative columnist at the biggest newspaper in Kentucky, the Louisville Courier-Journal, for ten years.  That is, until last week, when he resigned, after being told that his most recent column wouldn’t be published.

If you’re thinking that sounds like he threw an unnecessary tantrum, you’re wrong.  Keep reading.

Until last week, his column had NEVER been rejected for print.  EVER.  But when he wrote to specifically call out the newspaper for its liberal bias, that didn’t really sit well with Pam Platt, the editor for the op-ed page.  She left him a voicemail explaining, “I’m not going to run your column tomorrow.  To me it goes sort of off of what your column is supposed to be.  My understanding is a conservative take on issues of the day and that’s not what this is.  So, anyway, thanks a lot and I’ll talk to you soon.”

JDD gave a copy of his rejected column to the Daily Caller (sourcelink).  Choice quote:

“Journalistic jihads against KY’s Republican US Senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, and crusades for gun control and higher taxes, are in full force and frequently fill almost the entire editorial and op-ed pages.  Such one-sidedness neither works in the marketplace nor serves the public interest.  Like the rest of the press, the Courier-Journal claims to play an exalted role in public affairs.  But while righteously demanding absolute openness and full disclosure from every other entity and person involved in government, the press does not apply the same standard to itself.  Change that by disclosing the party registration and voting choices of all editors and reporters.”


Now, I don’t necessarily agree with him that editors and reporters should be obligated to disclose how they vote.  I have always appreciated that there’s been a general rule that how you vote can be as private as you want it to be. Besides, HELLO – it’s completely obvious that the vast majority of them are flaming liberals in most cases.  But JDD has a point. If you’re going to be an obnoxiously biased newspaper, you could at least OWN your bias. 

JDD also wrote:

“Newspapers indignantly proclaim that their editorial and news departments do not coordinate…but the hand-in-glove relationship between such ideological soul mates is undeniable. Opening up the process might not prevent such slanted presentation of news in the service of liberal objectives, but it could deter and expose it.”

Once JDD got Platt’s rejection voicemail, he sent her and the paper’s publisher, Wesley Jackson, a resignation email, stating that his column DID fit the “conservative take on the issues of the day” considering that one of those issues is liberal media bias.   In that email he wrote, “…your refusal to run this column vividly illustrates the very issues about which I write!”

Platt’s response?  “I do want to thank you for the pieces you did on the opinion pages for the past 10 years, and I wish you the very best in your life and your work.”


I’m down with JDD, and give him mega props for sticking to his principles.  He could’ve let this go, and simply continued to write columns with a muzzle on.  But you know what?  HE DIDN’T.  And I kinda love that about him.

Daisy and I have always stuck to our guns about our writing too, despite the messages we’ve gotten here and there from people who think we’re too snarky, or too impolite.  They say, “Your site would be so much better if you didn’t use the word ‘suck’ or ‘monkeyballs.'”  Our response has become so automatic at this point that we’re thinking about creating one of those email rules that spits out a boilerplate reply to messages like that.  It would read, “Thank you for coming to our page to tell us how you’d like us to change.  We learned a long time ago that we will never be able to please everyone, so we’ve decided to never try.  There are about ninety skabillion other websites out there which present information without the words ‘suck’ and ‘monkeyballs’  - please feel free to visit them as often as you’d like.  Or start your own! We’ll be over here, running our site the way we see fit.  Thanks.”

So rock on, JDD.  (YEAH YOU KNOW ME!)


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