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Friday, 02/15/2013 - 06:24 am EST

Charts And Numbers And Facts And Data. The ENEMIES OF THE LEFT.

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A clever and competent reader sent me the most fascinating chart the other day, and a great accompanying message, and with his permission, I'm sharing it.

Here's the message Sean Jobe sent with his graph (emphasis mine):


I would first like to thank you for your efforts. Your site is a refreshingly non-politically correct and honest source of information. You provide one of the few sources where I hear about what's actually happening in this country. News we certainly don't hear about through the regular news.

I'm just a guy trying to survive in this economy. Doing what I can to fight for some kind of common sense in our government. Fed up with liberals trying to undermine conservatives with lies, half-truths and accusations without facts. I hear the politi-speak coming out of our government, trying to tell us everything's great, when it's obvious to anybody who's not deluding themselves that government intervention is only making things monstrously worse.



I've had in mind for some time to put together a comparison of figures on federal revenue and spending since the beginning of the Reagan years. Strictly for my own satisfaction. To refute some of the many statistics liberals try to impress on the rest of us. Statistics to prove their point, but don't hold up under scrutiny or the entirety of the facts involved. With the impending State of the Union address tonight and spurred on by yet another graph from a liberal post & comment suggesting conservatives can't face facts; I decided it was time to put it together.

What I found was even more (worse) than I expected. You and others may have seen these figures laid out like this before. In the back of my mind, living through the years in question, I had some idea of what I would see. But I was still amazed. I wonder if there isn't some flaw in the source I used for the numbers or in my extrapolations. Somehow, I doubt there's an error.



Liberals like to point to the Clinton years and proclaim how great a President he was. How he created a budget surplus that Bush came along and threw away. Yet they ignore or fail to understand that the President can do nothing regarding spending or revenue without House and Senate approval. A President is not elected to be king for 4 years. It was a Republican dominated Congress that orchestrated the surplus. All Clinton could have done was approve what they provided him or not. This surplus lasted into the Bush years and only vanished when we went to war. A surplus which returned during Bush's 2nd term until Democrats took control of the House and Senate in his last year.



Then Obama comes along. A Democrat President with a Congress dominated by a super-majority of Democrats. In his first year alone, the GDP actually went down for the first time in at least 29 years and the deficit for that year was over $2 trillion dollars. All thanks to spending that did nothing for the economy. In Obama's first term, with an extremely complicit Congress, the GDP grew at a pathetic 8.58% and the deficit grew by $5.6 trillion. The GDP grew by almost 40% in Reagan's first term. We haven't had a double-digit increase in GDP since then.



I know this isn't anything you haven't seen or heard before. Personally, I simply haven't seen it spelled out so clearly. If my source and figures are correct, how can any liberal contest this. This is what conservative leaders need to be doing. Stop focusing on Presidents who have little or nothing to do with revenues and spending. It's Congress that matters. Without a compliant Congress, no President can put forward law that keeps us going in the wrong direction. We need to convince people what history has proven. It's only been a Republican dominated Congress that generated any surplus in the last 33 years.



I simply wanted to say thanks to you for your excellent work and provide the attached spreadsheet for your perusal. It may not be anything new, but it was helpful for me to solidify what I knew has been happening in my country for the last 3 decades and most especially in the last 4 years. No matter what we do, there will always be those who refuse to face the truth. But all it will take is just a few more who are willing to learn from the truth to put us back onto the road our Founding Fathers envisioned.



Thanks again,


Liberals, of course, are all too busy having their collective Obamagasm to even pay attention to this kind of stuff.



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