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Thursday, 02/14/2013 - 03:57 pm EST

Cal Thomas Thinks That Dr. Ben Carson Should Apologize To Poor, Victimized Obama

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Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’ve seen Dr. Ben Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast last week. 

I know – I was shocked that Obama attended it and managed to stay awake at anything involving prayer, too.


Cal Thomas – presumably a conservative and a columnist for someone or something (I almost wish I cared….almost) – has a big ol’ problem with Dr. Carson’s speech.  He thought it was mean.  He thought it was disrespectful.  He thought that Dr. Carson “ambushed” Dear Leader.   And he felt that Carson’s “criticism of the president’s policies…were inappropriate for the occasion.”

And then Cal Thomas said this (emphasis mine):

“The president had a right to expect a different message about another Kingdom. I’m wondering if the president felt drawn closer to God, or bludgeoned by the Republican Party and the applauding conservatives in the audience.”

Poor, bludgeoned, helpless, victimized, needs-to-live-in-a-bubble-from-all-criticism Obama.

Because we all know that nothing says “feeling drawn closer to God” than living in a world where no one challenges your lies, your sins, or your blatant inadequacies. God intended for us to live in a politically-correct world of lies, you see.

Uh huh.  What church is that doctrine from exactly?  The church of Latter Day Liberal Progressives?

According to Cal Thomas, the President has the “right” to expect a different message at the Prayer Breakfast.  And I’m here to disagree vehemently with Mr. Thomas.  But then again, I only believe in one “kingdom,” and it ain’t Obama’s.   

From what I’ve seen of Dr. Carson, he’s a God-fearing man who has a truly palpable sense of faith – and he said himself, after the media frenzy took off from this Prayer Breakfast – that he relies on God to guide him in all his speeches.  I believe that’s the God's honest truth.  Pun intended.  And his speech was a shining example of someone who has true, unwavering faith....someone who believes in doing what’s RIGHT, even if it means bypassing the politically-correct standards set forth by our humble civil servants (that would be those overpaid jackwagons on the Hill, FYI).  

In fact, I'm one of those folks who thinks that God may have guided the dear Doc to do something that isn’t done very often in Washington…..or in politics at ALL:


The problem with people like Cal Thomas is that in his perfect little utopian world, there is actually a good time and a right place for a man like Obama to be challenged.  He thinks that this will actually HAPPEN - even though it's YET to happen in four years.  He's one of those conservatives who more than likely believes that being POLITE will win us elections.  You know, like it did in 2008 and 2012 (oh wait...).  He believes that those opportunities for folks like Dr. Carson just pop up as often as the word "I" on the presidential teleprompter.  And when those opportunities do occur, he believes that Obama would actually take the time to listen to real criticism of his policies, take a moment to look away from his mirror and instead look inward, and truly reflect on said criticism.  In fact, Mr. Thomas believes that “if Carson wanted to voice his opinion about the president’s policies, he could have done so backstage. Even better, he might have asked for a private meeting with the man.”  And you know why Cal Thomas thinks that would happen?  Because according to him, “as a fellow African-American who faced personal challenges and overcame them, the president might have welcomed Carson to the White House.”

Ah yes.  There it is.  Because of COURSE Obama would at least take the time to listen to another black dude, right?  But let's all remember that it's Dr. Carson who's the DIVISIVE one here....


There is a time and a place for pomp and circumstance.  I get that it's not cool to burp out loud in church, and I understand that politeness and refinement and all of that buttoned-up stuff is necessary at times.  I get it.  I really do.

But when the country is going down the proverbial crapper?  When our President has singlehandedly loaded more debt onto our kids and grandkids than any other President in history?  When that President lives in a protected bubble with the liberal lapdog media doing nothing but praising him like the deity that they think he is?  Real people need to stand up for what's right.  And those real people need to have the balls to do it at the very moments when it may be inopportune, indeed.

So yeah.  You're wrong, Cal Thomas.  

And thank GOD for guys like Dr. Carson.


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