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Tuesday, 02/12/2013 - 05:52 am EST

Nice Try, Debbie McFrizz. Nice Try.

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Oh Debbie. 

According to this, Debbie Wasserman Schultz tried to pull one over on the press yesterday and totally got called out on it. In a conference call, she had a "Medicare recipient from Florida," Annett Capella, on hand to talk about how horrible and awful and terrible Marco Rubio is, in advance of his State of the Union rebuttal tonight.

Annette went on and on and on and on about how horrible and awful and terrible life would be for her and others like her if Medicare was changed and Rubio had his way.  Because that's what Democrats do - they insist that changing a program which CANNOT LAST in its current state will hurt people, without bothering to tell them that if changes AREN'T made, then the program won't last anyway.  They always leave that little tidbit of information out, because if they were honest, they'd risk losing voters.  People with Actual Brains know this.  Liberals, on the other hand....

ANYWAY, because Debbie McFrizz is patently incapable of being honest, you can imagine how awkward it must have been for her when a Palm Beach reporter asked her if Annette Capella was the same Annette Capella who heads up the St Johns Democratic Party.


Debbie hesitated, and then decided to let Annette answer.  And Annette explained that she'd "stepped down" from that role and is now just the Democratic state committeewoman for St Johns.  Because that's super different, you see.


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