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Saturday, 02/09/2013 - 08:07 pm EST

"Support" For Christopher Dorner Increases...

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Unless your head's been firmly placed in the sand these past few days, you know the story of the scorned, former LAPD officer who's now on the run after allegedly killing three people and presumably ready to kill more on his revenge list. Detailed on his manifesto, of course.  One that lets us all know that he wants his brain to be know, for research and all.


As if three murdered people aren't horrific enough, there are now countless Facebook pages devoted to SUPPORTING this guy.  A growing number of people actually view him as some sort of hero.  One page even wants him to be President.  Because of COURSE there are people out there that want this guy to be President.  I suppose these are the same type of folks who  actually take time in their pathetic existences in their parents' basements to create and like pages called "Chicks with Dicks on the Right."  

But I digress.

And then I weep for my country once again.


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