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Saturday, 02/09/2013 - 07:33 am EST

Eric Holder Discusses Important Things...Like Gun Rights And His iPhone 5

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Is it just me, or does Obama NOT get to decide who's "entitled" to have a gun?  Last time I checked, the Second Amendment decided that and not Dear Leader.  Moreover, there are already laws in place to keep mentally ill people and convicted criminals FROM having guns - yet those laws don't really work uinless they're FREAKING ENFORCED.  

But I digress, oh legislative deities on Capitol Hill and gun-brainwashing-expert Mr. Holder.

In a Q&A session at Clark Atlanta University, Holder talked about that very thing - the president having the power to decide who's entitled to guns and who's not.   Mmmm hmmm.

Holder also said that "government leaders are pushing for a common-sense approach to keeping deadly weapons from falling into the wrong hands." 

Which I'm assuming includes the wrong hands of Mexican drug runners?  

Oh wait...

Never mind all that truth stuff.  I mean, why on EARTH would Clark University peeps ask about trivial things like dead border patrol agents when pressing matters exist about whether or not Holder has an iPhone 5?  PRIORITIES, people.

At least we can all rest easy knowing that when Holder looked out into that crowd of lobotomized Clark Atlanta University lemmings, he presumably reveled in witnessing the fruits of his brainwashing labor...






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