Chicks on the Right
Chicks on the Right
Friday, 02/08/2013 - 12:32 pm EST

Voter Fraud Is Just A Made-Up Republican Fairy Tale, Right Democrats?

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This poll worker in Ohio voted twice - and she says that's completely fine.  She calls them "absolutely legal votes," to be exact.  And after being faced with an investigation into her breaking the freaking law, even though she claims voting twice is 'legal' and all, she's double-downing and saying that she'll "fight...for Mr. Obama and for Mr. Obama's right to sit as President of the United States."

Because of COURSE she's a Democrat.  And of COURSE she voted for Obama.  And of COURSE she voted twice.  

And of COURSE voting fraud is a made-up thing by those eeeeeevil Republicans who are just in denial that Obama won fair and square.

Uh huh.  Whatever helps you sleep at night, libs.



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