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Friday, 02/08/2013 - 09:55 am EST

Look At These Horrible, Delinquent, Suspend-able Teenagers, Everyone.

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See these troublemakers?  Yeah.  Behold the almost-criminal, obviously lawbreaking hooligans.  You know, the ones seen here with those horrifyingly OFFENSIVE headbands...

They look like some sort of offensive threat, don't they?  

Well, these obvious misfits "got suspended from Adolfo Camarillo High School for wearing their American Flag Headbands to the basketball game."

You see, administrators at the school said that the headbands could be "viewed as offensive," so the boys were asked to leave.  

How dare they.  I mean, American-themed headbands that symbolize the AMERICAN FLAG are offensive, don't you see?  Damn them and their American swag!  What do they think this IS?  America??

When asked to leave, the boys stood outside "in protest of the administrators, with pride for their country," and then they ran "back into the game and the whole crowd began to shiout 'USA!'"  Which makes me want to hug every single one of these boys and give them a hearty COTR SAAAAAALUTE!  While simultaneously giving every pinko commie administrator in that school both of my middle fingers to stare at for a while.  But, you know, that's just me.

It comes as no surprise to me that this school is in California.  It also comes as no surprise to me that the comments within the source article represent the absolute decay of the notion of American exceptionalism in this country.

Just another day in progressive-liberal-run Amerika, folks.

Soak it in.  Awww yeah.







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