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Friday, 02/08/2013 - 05:57 am EST

Unexpected Guest Post From AT

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The time I have to read through all of the comments made on these posts is getting shorter and shorter these days.  Hopefully that's just temporary.  Because when I DO take a few minutes to read them, I'm always struck by the awesomeness of our commenting community.  Seriously - not blowing smoke.  Y'all are amazing.

And almost without fail, there are absolutely DELICIOUS NUGGETS of wisdom from clever and competent reader AT.  He posted a comment in response to the latest Bill Whittle post that was just epic.  It was one of those comments you read where you just nod your head the whole time, wanting to scream out, "YES! YES! YES!" and wishing you could show it to every mindless Obamadrone.

When I read it, I thought, "THIS MUST BE SHARED."  And then I realized, "I CAN SHARE IT."

So here it is. Soak it in, y'all. And then give our friend AT the mad props he deserves.

The true evil that has to be defeated is ideological, and its name is Collectivism - along with its twin brother Statism. Those two things should be on your mind EVERY SINGLE TIME you start going at it with a liberal (or even a moderate/independent). Has anyone here noticed it's always what I'M talking about? Collectivism is the backbone of their entire ideology. EACH AND EVERY VIEW THEY HOLD is ultimately derived from it. You take ANYTHING a liberal says, and when you strip it down to brass tacks it is UNILATERALLY nothing more than pure Collectivism.

But here's the dirty little naked secret they don't want to admit:

Collectivism is bullsh*t. Never mind the fact that, eventually, it LITERALLY kills the people who practice it - it simply doesn't work in any way, shape, or form. It is inherently flawed. Why? Because it denies The Self as the highest moral value and highest moral priority. And the thing about The Self? It is from where EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR RIGHTS as a human being is derived. That's WHY societies that hold sacred The Individual are always the most free (AND the most prosperous). Because they're a society built around the inherent rights of the Individual.

But Collectivism builds itself around the rights of "the collective." (Which, you'll note, is a term that NO self-proclaimed collectivist has EVER been able to specifically define.) As a result, it ALWAYS, ALWAYS, proves itself a SELF-destructive ideology - preferring instead to value The Community over The Self.

That, my friends, is a direct flight to suicide. Or, more likely, your murder. At the hands of The Collective. Usually at the behest of their representative, The State. And, of course, this is easily proved by looking at their rationale for ANY argument. You ever notice how it's almost unilaterally an argument that relies on the notion of "the greater good?"

"The greater good," in their minds, meaning (of course) "everyone except you - the individual." Think about it. Pick your liberal argument.

Health care. They want it nationalized and freely provided. People need to be taken care of - it's for the greater good. Problem is, health care isn't free. Somebody's got to pay for it. Guess who. The person who already affords it for himself and his family, and resents the hell out of providing it for everyone else. The individual

Guns. You have them. They don't want you to have them. They're dangerous. It's for everyone's safety, they claim - the greater good. Guess who, not only has to give up his property, but also has to leave himself at the mercy of the State's protection. The individual.

Abortion. It's wrong. It's the intentional killing of an in utero human being. They don't care. They don't want to be inconvenienced by the burdens that are the consequences of their own actions. Abortion frees them of that inconvenience, those consequences - it's for the greater good. Who suffers? About 1400 Individuals per day, 120K per year. (Incidentally, this is also probably the best example of Collectivism's murderous means to reach their Collectivist ends.)

Collectivism is anathema to a free society. But, of course, Collectivists - though they're remiss to admit it - don't actually WANT to be free. They want to be subjects (if not outright slaves). They want to be ruled. They want to have their livelihoods provided for them. They want people to tell them what to do, what to eat, what to drive, what to read, to whom to listen, how to live, how to think. You know why Collectivists hate Rights? Because Rights come with personal responsibility and accountability. And personal responsibility and accountability are EXACTLY what Collectivists do not want. Because responsibility and accountability are Individual concepts. Collectivists want to rely on the collective - where everyone and no one is responsible and accountable for everything at all times. Collectivists want a life free of responsibility, and thus, devoid of Rights.'

Why do you think that every single thing a Collectivist says and does, every effort they make on a political scale, is an effort to and geared to LIMIT or REMOVE the Individual's rights? Look at it closely sometime. It's everything for which they stand. Take ANYTHING they're going on about, and look at it closely. Every single time, you'll find that it's an effort to deprive people's rights. Every. Single. Time.

Take any liberal, take any Democrat - from Barack Obama to his bleating mindless sheep that are the "99%". Take any socialist, populist, communist, marxist position - take any person holding them - and take them apart. Every single time, it's Collectivism.

Bill Whittle knows it. I've known it (and said it) for years. Collectivism is the backbone of their ideology. It is the spine that we, as Individuals, must CONSTANTLY be engaged in an effort to rip from their bodies and break across our knees. Or, if you prefer, to let it take its natural course and do your best to endure its inevitable fallout. Either way, the result is the same.

Collectivism DOESN'T work. It NEVER will. And let me tell you something else. If YOU are and truly recognize yourself as an Individual, and not part of some amorphous, undefined "collective" - then, I kid you not, ANY AND EVERY Collectivist (whether self-proclaimed or through his actions) is your mortal enemy. Make no mistake - he is either trying to subjugate you, enslave you, or outright kill you.

I wish that I could advocate that we find them and take them out - but the creed of the Individual does not permit that. What it DOES permit, however, is the RIGHT of self-defense and the FREEDOM of individual thought and speech. To defend, with extreme prejudice, against those who would come to take our rights; to use our mind and to use our words to break the spines of the Collectivists in the world.

I've done it before. I have literally broken men on an ideological level, to the point where they've either come around to reality (if they have integrity) or to where they can no longer look at themselves in the mirror without knowing they're frauds (if they lack integrity).

You can do it too - but only if you're an Individual. The Individual is sovereign. The Collectivist will always be a subject to someone, and trying to make you the same.

So DO it. Break them. Attack them at their core. Rip out their spines, and break them. On an ideological level. ALWAYS attack them on an ideological level. Every time. And don’t let up.

Because the ideology is what must be defeated.

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