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Friday, 02/08/2013 - 09:48 am EST

Katie JM Baker Of Jezebel Provides A List Of Conservative Companies To Support! YAY!

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Katie JM Baker writes for and I want to offer her my most HEARTFELT THANKS for doing a bunch of work for me that I no longer have to do.  You see, she wrote a blistering column against the “bigoted” companies who are daring to fight Obamacare’s contraception coverage mandate.  She advised her readers to “stay far away” from these 18 companies.  So I thought, well, why reinvent the wheel?  Now that she’s grouped the companies  all together so conveniently, I don’t have to look them up, and now you can share these with your networks far and wide, and tell people to VISIT and PATRONIZE THE CRAP out of these fine establishments.  smiley

But before I pluck them right out of her handy dandy article and list them out for you, I wanted to bring to your attention the amazing stupidity that Katie JM Baker displays in her piece. For example, let’s look at her opening line.  She says, “When conservative blowhards argue that women should pay for their own damn contraception, they really mean women should pay for their own sluttish decisions; religious right talking heads never tire of asking why employers should subsidize sinful lifestyles. But here's the real question: why should women bear the cost of their employers' noxious moral beliefs?”

What a complete joke.  Let’s get something straight.  When I argue that a woman should pay for her own damn contraception, I really mean just that.  I don’t give a crap who she sleeps with or how many people she sleeps with or how often she sleeps with them.  That’s her own business.  It’s also her own business to PAY FOR IT.  Why is this concept so difficult for liberal harpies?  The "real question" is  - why do women who don't like their employers' "noxious" beliefs simply find new employers? If womyn like Katie are so adamant about the government staying out of their vaginas, why do they keep insisting that the government (read: taxpayers) PAY for their vaginal activities? 

The next line from Katie is, “Here are the 18 for-profit companies that are challenging Obamacare's contraceptive coverage provision on the basis of their precious religious freedom, yet expect the women who work for them to pay the costs of a creed they don't support.”

HILARIOUS. Katie is indigant towards companies who have a religious moral conviction and want to maintain their rights as private business owners to their own religious freedom, but a woman who voluntarily takes a job with them, and to whom they provide a paycheck and benefits, is basically a heroine for bitching that she doesn't agree with their “creed.”  So typical of liberals - OUTRAGED that someone might have a different opinion. Hey harpies – how about you just FIND A NEW EMPLOYER?  No one is forcing you to work for these companies.  If you don’t like their “creed” then take your assular areas to an employer who has a “creed” you DO support.  It’s America.  You have the freedom to do that.

Katie goes on to say that most employers are “…required to provide their employees with contraceptive coverage benefits, which is awesome for workers but distasteful for bosses who would prefer to limit their employees' access to reproductive health.”

Katie Katie Katie.  NO ONE is limiting access to anything.  Any woman can march right into any Wal-mart and buy herself some “reproductive health.”   Packs and packs of it even.  These companies aren’t stopping her. 

On to the list. 

1. Tyndale House - An Illinois publishing company focusing on Christian books.  Katie’s all in a tizzy because the company’s founder equates certain contraceptives with abortion.  Here’s an idea.  If you want contraceptives, go buy them.  And/or don’t work at Tyndale House.  Problem solved.

2. Freshway Foods and Freshway Logistics – Ohio-based produce companies.  They have signs in their stores which state, “It’s not a choice, it’s a child” and their benefits plans exclude contraceptives, sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs.  Katie’s MAD about that, y’all.  HOW DARE a company owner have an opinion based on faith?  HOW DARE they run a business the way they see fit? 

3. Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation – PA-based cabinet manufacturer run by Mennonites.  They have nearly 1000 employees, but who cares that they’re providing jobs and livelihoods?  What matters is that they won’t provide Plan B pills.  OMG ARREST THEM ALL.

4. Weingartz Supply Company – MI-based company which sells outdoor power equipment.  Catholic owner. 

5. Autocam Corporation – MI-based transportation/medical equipment company. 

6. Domino's Farms – MI-based property management company, with ownership held by the same guy who started Domino’s Pizza.  He’s against some forms of contraception, to which Katie says, “Oh, go f*ck yourself and your overly saucy pizza.”  Ooooo – good one, Katie.  Way to make a compelling argument.  Well done.

7. Infrastructure Alternatives, Inc. – MI-based contractor dealing with environemental dredging/water treatment, etc.8. Korte & Luitjohan Contractors, Inc. – IL-based construction company with Catholic owners, who “wish to conduct business in a manner that does not violate their religious faith.”  Katie says, “Awww, they make prioritizing your own beliefs over dozens of people who work for you sound so polite.”  Yes, Katie, dozens of people who WORK FOR THEM BY CHOICE.  They are welcome to go elsewhere.  Or, they can stay employed and simply GO TO TARGET AND BUY SOME FREAKING BIRTH CONTROL.

9. Triune Health Group – Illinois-based company helping injured workers get back to the workforce.  They recently won an award for being exceptionally woman-friendly.  But that’s not good enough for Katie.  Katie wants them to violate their religious conscience so that women employees can have sex on someone else’s dime.  It’s only FAIR!

10. Grote Industries – Indiana manufacturer of car safety systems.  They do not want to cover abortifacient drugs, contraception or sterilization.  So if you want those things? Don’t work for them, or work for them and reach into your own wallet to cover those items.  EASY PEASY.

11. Tonn and Black Construction, LLC – Indiana construction company.

12. O'Brien Industrial Holdings – MO-based company that processes ceramic materials.

13. American Pulverizer Company – MO- based business that deals in scrap metal recycling.  Katie’s furious that they care about “hypothetical embryonic lives” more than they care about their 150 employees. Oh, Katie.  Dear, naïve Katie.  Do you see the difference between destroying the life of an embryo and making an adult pay for something at a drug store?  I suppose you don’t.

14. Annex Medical Inc. – medical device company in MN. 

15. Sharpe Holdings, Inc. – MO company involved in dairy farming. 

16. Sioux Chief MFG. Co, Inc. – MO plumbing company. Katie thinks that even though the owners are Catholic, they should “host a debate with their 370 employees” to see what they think about not being given contraception coverage.  Because apparently, Katie believes that company owners owe it to their employees to provide them with whatever they want, irrespective of how much it may violate their religious beliefs. 

17. Hercules Industries, Inc. – CO company in HVAC. 

18. Hobby Lobby – OK-based crafts chain.  You might’ve heard of them. smiley

So, to the extent that you can figure out a way to patronize these companies, to show them your support, to lend them encouragement in their fight, then by all means, do so.  Even if it’s only because it’s fun to watch Katie get all riled up.  She’s a firecracker, isn’t she?  She even says the f-word, you guys!  Ooooooo scaaary.


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