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Thursday, 02/07/2013 - 07:22 am EST

MORE Proof That Obama Drones (The People Kind) Are Completely Brainwashed.

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So last night I told you about Chris Rock saying that Obama is the boss of all of us, and that he and Michelle are the dad and mom of the country.  That was bad enough.

But today, I read that Ellen Barkin says that we Americans are "Obama's people."

Sorry, Ellen, you a$$kissing idiot, but I am NOT Obama's person.  I don't belong to him.  The guy freaking WORKS FOR ME.  And had I the ability to fire him personally, believe me, I'd have done it approximately 4 years ago, on the grounds that he SUCKS AT HIS JOB.

This is the swooning, fawning, worshipping, idolizing attitude that seems to be so prevalent among Obama supporters.  They don't look at him as their employee, which they should.  The look at him like he's some sort of deity.  As if they really HAVE overdosed on the koolaid.  And it's this kind of mindless, blind celebrity admiration which leads to societies that are totally controlled by the government.  People like Ellen Barkin are willing to overlook any flaw, any mistake, any incompetence - because she BELONGS to Obama.

That's some scary sh*t, you guys.  And bravo to Linsey A Jones for calling her out.  Ellen - seriously.  Stop.  Don't you have a plastic surgery appointment to get to?

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