Chicks on the Right
Chicks on the Right
Wednesday, 02/06/2013 - 07:20 pm EST

I've Got Perfectly Awesome Parents, Chris Rock. Thanks Anyway.

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BEHOLD celebrity stupidity:

This is a perfect example of the mindless, moronic attitude of the left.  Would Chris Rock have said this about George Bush?  Did he look at Bush as the "boss" and the "dad" of the country?
Um, no.  No, he didn't.
But see, Obama IS a celebrity.  So he's got a magnetic pull on other celebrities who don't have Actual Brains.  Celebrities, and particularly actors, actually buy Obama's acting. And that's all Obama does.  He doesn't know how to lead.  He doesn't know how to govern.  He's playing a part crafted for him by a complicit media machine, and the liberal drones buy it hook, line and sinker.

So now, he's not just our president (unfortunately) but he's our DAD, too.
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