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Monday, 11/11/2013 - 01:49 pm EST


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Hey, if you're a liberal chick who doesn't like us, here's some helpful information which might save you some time and energy.  Consider it a PSA from us chicks.

HELPFUL INFORMATION:  Don't bother posting on our facebook wall to tell us about it, because a) we don't care what you think and b) it makes you look like a moron and c) you're likely to end up right here on our Wall of Shame.

Over the weekend, a hen by the name of Dana Wigglesworth Dickson posted on our wall, simply, "You are disgusting."  That's all she said. I took a look at her profile, and responded, "And you're an old hag."  Because I figured that's the level of game she was bringing, so I might as well even the playing field.  (I didn't want to scare her with Actual Intelligence, as it may have made her liberal brain explode.)  A bunch of people WENT OFF on her, and must have ultimately scared her away, because Dana deleted her own post.  HOPEFULLY, it's because she realized writing "You are disgusting" on someone else's page is probably not the smartest idea when that someone has 400,000 followers who eat that kind of stuff up like it's candy.

Unfortunately, I forgot to screengrab the exchange, but trust me on this one.  It's not like I can make up names like Dana Wigglesworth Dickson. And since she's deleted the post, I can only assume she's learned a valuable lesson.

And today?  Today we have Jennifer.  This one is a work in progress, because so far she hasn't deleted her post, and I remain hopeful that she'll come back and play some more.  Chicks like Jennifer amuse me SO MUCH.

Now, to be fair to my daddio, he has never said we speak "a bunch of nonsense."  Nor has he suggested our laughter makes him want to wreck his own car.  He has, however, suggested that I giggle too much, which I realize but can't help. My giggle is universally either loved or hated, but it's not a changeable thing.  It's just what I do.  And it's the comment about giggling that I'm sure Jennifer glommed onto, forgetting, of course, that it was an admission she LISTENS TO OUR SHOW.

And believe us.  We love the listeners who "hate-listen" to our show just as much as we love the folks who listen because they genuinely love the show.  It's all good. 

Cue Jennifer writing back, "Well, I only listened to that very specific 7 seconds when you mentioned your dad" as her comeback.  I'm just waiting for that.  Because what else can she do?

See, trolls?  I'm being SO HELPFUL in this post, what with all of my suggestions and tips for how not to embarrass yourselves.  You should totally thank me.



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