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Wednesday, 09/11/2013 - 01:16 pm EST

We Live Among Some Seriously Weird People, Y'all.

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So this appeared on our facebook wall last night:

So this is a gal who took the time to post a message on our facebook wall, to tell us that she was going to follow us but that she doesn't know much about us because our "about" section on facebook alludes to this website, which she hasn't bothered to look at. 

Can someone help me understand why someone would take the time to write this to us?  I mean, in the time she wrote that message, she could have just visited the site, taken a look around, and figured out precisely what we're about. For all we know, she may have decided she didn't like it, even.  I just cannot understand the mentality of someone who feels the need to explain themselves in this way.  She may as well have said, "I'm following you, even though I don't really know why.  Just wanted you to know."

Then again, her message was certainly a lot more pleasant than this one:

Tyler's not a person, but a paradise.  So I didn't see a need to hide his name. smiley


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