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Saturday, 08/03/2013 - 09:37 am EST

Liberal Trolls - For Crying Out Loud PLEASE Come Up With Some New Material.

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So this happened yesterday.

That was the link to the news about our new full time jobs as radio personalities. Since it seemed like Micheal was under the mistaken impression that we spend all of our time being subservient housewives - cleaning, cooking, etc. I thought it might be useful to set him straight on that.

Without even checking with Mr. Mock to see how I should reply, Micheal and I continued our conversation.

There's so much more I wanted to say but had no time to - like to ask Micheal for a link to the GOP's official statement about chastity belts and policy about a woman's place being in the home.  Other folks joined in to mock him, and then I decided it was time to simply ASK him to do that thing liberals are often so reluctant to do - provide proof of his accusations:

And that last Michael who commented was right.  Micheal disappeared when pressed for facts to back up his claims.  It's like clockwork with these trolls.

I have a feeling that the new radio job is going to bring a lot more folks like this out of their basements. Which is great for the Wall of Shame certainly, but it does nothing to help our faith in humanity.  That there are people as deluded as Micheal out there, who STILL BUY INTO all of this war on women crap?  Wow.  It's just sad.

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