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Tuesday, 07/09/2013 - 08:11 am EST

Silly Liberals. I Love It When They Think They're Being Clever.

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We had a couple of real winners visit us at our FB page yesterday, y’all. First, meet Emma the Cat Lady. It’s probably hard to see since we’ve blacked out her profile picture somewhat, but she’s a 20-something, holding a cat. And she’s every bit as clever as all of the trolls who’ve come before her. BEHOLD:

I mean, COME ON.  Seriously?

But wait. It got better, because then Emma completely did the unexpected, the unheard of, the rarely used tactic of the liberal left – she decided to criticize our appearance.  BECAUSE OMG LIBERALS NEVER DO THAT!!!! (Yawn.)

And then Jack, an expert on liberal trolling apparently,  stopped by to explain to Emma how to properly troll.  And he reminded me just how sick these people are – that they will take time to create alternative pages SOLELY for the purpose of trolling pages with which they disagree.  If that isn’t indicative of people who HAVE NO LIVES, I don’t know what is.

I waited for a bit, and nothing, so yeah - that conversation is over now.  She’s probably sitting there baffled, wondering who the heck this “Julia” person is.

And then?  Then came Alice.  Alice apparently discovered us in a regional newspaper article yesterday, and posted this on her public profile page:

I didn’t make her wonder for long.  ;)

Her friends chimed in too:

So Alice’s evil plan to comment on our page was in full swing.  She was really proud of herself after posting, and took to her profile once again to showcase her amazing talent:

I cannot tell you how much I giggled over her “panic” that FB didn’t register her “unlike.”  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she panicked.  But alas, tomorrow (which is really today) WON’T bring forth new comments from her, because we’ve banned her, because she’s ridiculous.

We breathe the same air as these people, you guys (shudder).

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