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Monday, 06/10/2013 - 07:21 am EST

What Better Way To Start A Monday Than With A Wall Of Shame Addition?

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You know what cracks me up?  When drive-by wackjobs post insults on our facebook page and think that they're somehow unique and different and clever and original.  Why do they do that? Are they seriously this oblivious to the goings-on around them, that they stumble onto our page and decide, "HEY!  I am going to insult these chicks on their wall!  And I'm sure it'll be an insult they've never heard before because I am a special snowflake!"

Newsflash, wackjobs.  We've heard it before.  From the weirdos like Travis B, who we spotlit right here, to today's featured troll - it's the same old, worn-out nonsense we've heard a zillion times before.

Alan thought he could come spice things up yesterday:

The conversations with these clowns ALWAYS goes this way.  They come out with guns blazing with their best, most clever insult that they can come up with, and then try to take the moral high ground by saying that WE are polarizing.  It's so typical that I swear I could just start writing these wall of shame entries from scratch and save the trolls the trouble.

I laughed so hard when Daisy called him "Cat Boy."  Notice that he claims not to be a woman hater.  That'll become important momentarily.

Alan won't be responding to that, because he's no longer allowed to.  But interestingly, Alan, it turns out, has a blog of his own.  If you're resourceful and interested, you'll find it, but I've screengrabbed his special entry about us:

Notice that first sentence?  The guy thinks that people only read our site because we have tits.  I laughed out loud at that one, given that neither of us chicks is particularly well-endowed in the boobular region.   But also, he just claimed not to be one of those woman-haters.  Yyyyyyeah. 

He was also wrong about us not mentioning the NSA, which we had yesterday afternoon when we heard about it right here:


And we didn't have to associate Michelle Obama with a lesbian.  She did that all on her own, which is why we mentioned it right here.  LAST WEDNESDAY.

I checked out Alan's blog a little bit, noticed that there are absolutely NO comments on it from anyone (shocker!), that he looks like someone Willie Nelson would say has done too much weed,  and also noticed that he's one of those dudes who's super into that Second Life game, one of those virtual world thingies where you create an online version of yourself and interact with others who've done the same thing, presumably because your Actual Life isn't satisfying enough on its own.  Apologies to those of you out there who are into that sort of thing, but that MAJORLY creeps me out.  *shudder*

Anyway, just another day in the life of the Chicks' Facebook page.  Never a dull moment. smiley



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