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Sunday, 01/20/2013 - 01:16 pm EST

I'm Guessing This Is What Clinically Insane Looks Like.

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This appeared on our Facebook page in response to our story about the Hello Kitty bubble gun.

I got the heebie jeebies reading that. 

Even worse, this weirdo posted a response to one of our photos which said, "I'd hit it."  OMG AS IF.  I deleted that before even screengrabbing it, because I was so disgusted.


It turns out, this person is friends with two other trolls - who run pages by the name of Wendy J Pope and Silk Spectre.  They are all proud of themselves for managing to get a comment up at our page which lasted for about 45 minutes before I nuked it.  They were so proud of themselves, in fact, that they screengrabbed their own comment and reposted it on a few of their pages, to congratulate each other.  It's a very incestual group, actually.  There are several pages set up specifically to troll conservative sites, and so they virtually high-five each other when they think they've said something clever.  It's sad, and it makes me feel kinda sorry for them that this is how they choose to occupy their time.

Anyway, if the mood strikes, and you're interested in seeing the comment, feel free to look them up and check it out.  They each have tens and tens of followers(*snicker*), and I'm sure they'd love knowing that more people were seeing their stuff. I even put a comment on their sites, and I'm certain they've probably replied, but I felt too much like I needed a shower after my initial comment to check. 

I have to believe that if you grabbed a professional psychiatrist, and showed them some of the stuff these people write, there'd be an official diagnosis made pretty quickly, and it would involve some degree of insanity.

And this, clever and competent readers, is what I woke up to this morning on our page:

See that, Daisy?  We are SO RACIST.wink Because some lunatic named Steve Madrid, who uses a mugshot as his profile picture, said so.  So it must be true.


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