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Saturday, 01/19/2013 - 09:11 pm EST

Chicks And Bling Go Together Like Peas And Carrots

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Y'all may recall when we showed you the amazing iphone cases that the Ice Diva made for us a few months back. We continue to carry them proudly, because they are simply the best phone cases in the history of phone cases.

So, you can imagine my delight when, a few weeks ago, a chick by the name of Erin sent me an email and said she wanted to make us so blinged-out shirts with our site name on them.  I was all, "Wait. What?" and she said, "We started our small business last summer and I love creating custom rhinestone designs!! I thought you two might like seeing your name in 'lights!' P.S. - love, love what you two have accomplished - great to see fellow conservative women taking it to the left!"

And then she told me the name of her site.  And you should all check it out immediately.  It's

So a few days ago, Daisy and I received our blinged-out shirts, and since we had the rare opportunity to see each other last night, we decided to wear them and take a few pictures.  BEHOLD:


Anyway, you could have Erin make you shirts just like this if you wanted to, OR you could have her put whatever sort of logo or text you wanted to on a shirt.  THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.

Check out Sassy Stonz and "like" them on facebook too!!

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