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Thursday, 01/17/2013 - 08:13 am EST


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Daisy and I are going to New York City next weekend!

I haven't been to NYC since I was like 13, and Daisy has NEVER been to the Big Apple, so we are looking forward to the trip with GREAT ANTICIPATION.

Because MANHATTAN, you guys.  And Tiffany's.  And Rockefeller Center.  And high end fashion stores.  I get the glees just thinking about it.

We'll only be there for like 36 hours, which means we have a RIDICULOUS amount of fun to try and squeeze into a short window of time.  Part of the fun is going to include spending time with our pal, Dennis Michael Lynch, director/creator of the awesome documentary, They Come To America, which we told you about right here. For those of you who came to our inaugural Meet and Greet this past September, you probably remember that he was one of our featured speakers. And that he's nice to look at. wink

And now, Dennis is working on the sequel to that fantastic movie.  Just yesterday, in fact, he was in NYC interviewing Rudy Giuiliani for the film.  And next weekend?  He'll be interviewing the Chicks for the movie tooooooo!!!!

So it's all very exciting.  Not only are we going to NYC, we are going there to be filmed for a movie. When I say that out loud, it's almost like I'm talking about someone else's lives entirely, because it sort of sounds ridiculous, given that we are DORKS.  Regardless, Dennis has asked us to take part in They Come To America 2, and we are thrilled to do it! 


The first film was amazing, and if you haven't seen it, you should.

The Chicks in NYC.  Sweet mother of monkeyballs. smiley

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