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Thursday, 12/27/2012 - 11:05 am EST

Caption Contest Winners!

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Many thanks to all of you who submitted captions for the photo above for our contest last week!  Daisy and I had great fun reading them all, but in the end, there were two specific ones which gave us the biggest glees.  And when we tried to decide between the two, it became impossible, so we’re declaring two winners.

Drum roll, please. Winners announced on the next page!

CONGRATULATIONS TO CAEGYN and FORMERLY JIM!  You are the official co-winners of the Chicks on the Right caption contest!  WHOO HOOOO!!!

For those of you who missed it, their captions were as follows:

Caegyn: “I prefer my Satan water in a rock glass neat, never shaken or stirred.”

Formerly Jim:  “I saved my last jar of invisible to share with you ladies.”

Caegyn and Formerly Jim, take a peek at our online store, and let us know what you’d like.** Send an email with your address and sizing information as applicable to!

For everyone else, you should totally check out the store also – because there is awesome stuff there to get for yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

**Feel free to choose any item or combination of items totaling up to $30. smiley

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