Chicks on the Right
Chicks on the Right
Friday, 12/07/2012 - 02:22 pm EST

This Is Completely Fracktacular

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There is nothing like the glees you get from watching a Hollywood celebritidiot get caught in their epic hypocrisy.  BEHOLD:  Documentary maker Phelim McAleer calling out Matt Damon for making an anti-fracking movie that just so happens to be funded in part by the United Arab Emirates. Obviously, it's in the UAE's interest for the US NOT to pursue fracking, because they'd lose income if we actually become less depedent on their oil.

But Matt Damon doesn't care about that, because he's got movies to make, you see. 

I LOVE that he's getting called out.  LOVE IT.

Matt has a lot of trouble answering the question, doesn't he?  As both a writer AND producer for the film, it kinda seems like he'd know about how it's being funded, but then again, I'm not a Hollywood person, so what do I know.

Celebrities.  SO MUCH SMARTER than regular people.


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