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Saturday, 11/24/2012 - 11:03 am EST

It's Small Business Saturday!!!

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It's Small Business Saturday today!

Which makes it the PERFECT time to tell you about my most recent small business experience. Remember how in our last video (and on facebook) I told you that my laptop had died?  Well, because we have awesome followers, a nice man named Rick replied to my self-pitying note on facebook, and said, "Mock, my son works on computers. He is offering his services for a simple shout out and to support the conservative cause."

See, this is what I love about our entire COTR community.  We can always count on you for moral support, advice, encouragement, and now - even computer services!

I immediately posted a note on the facebook page Rick mentioned (which, by the way, you should go and "like" immediately), and asked if he'd be interested in helping me bring my laptop back from the dead.  He messaged me back, said he'd be happy to help, and we made plans for him to come to the house. 

Michael was to arrive at 9.30 yesterday, and he came armed with anti-virus stuff and other computers and all kinds of DVD's and technical stuff.  And you guys, he didn't leave my house until 8.30pm.  And that was only because we felt bad that he wasn't at least comfortable in his OWN HOUSE working on my stupid laptop, and finally insisted he just take it home with him.  It was SO INFECTED with bad stuff, that he finally had to reinstall Windows on it, but even THAT was causing problems.  

Michael made INSTANT friends with Mini Mock and MockDog.  The first thing Mini Mock asked me this morning was, "Where's Michael?"  He adored him.  Michael was the sweetest - a soft-spoken, polite, and enormously patient person, who reassured me that he would fix my laptop no matter what it took.  And this morning?  He sent me a photo of the finally-working desktop, with a message that said, "IT LIVES."

I loved that.  

And there is nothing that gives me bigger glees than to be able to recommend an Indianapolis small business, particularly one owned by a conservative who's just trying to get it off the ground, who is sweet, soft-spoken, polite, and enormously patient, and who has spent HOURS bringing my laptop back from the dead.  

If you're in the Indy area, and you need computer fix-it services, PLEASE consider contacting Michael at Indianapolis Computer Repair. He offers a kicka$$ guarantee:  "I will beat any Indianapolis price! (even GeekSquad). If I can't fix your problem, you don't pay anything."

Seriously - you cannot beat that.  Plus, he will be awesome to your kids and pets. smiley

And the profile picture for his facebook page?  Is this:

HOW can you not want to hire someone who uses an LOL CAT as his business profile photo?

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