Chicks on the Right
Chicks on the Right
Saturday, 11/17/2012 - 09:56 am EST

Saturday Morning Glees!

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This has MADE MY DAY.  We frequently get nice emails from folks telling us they appreciate the site and enjoy reading it.  And we love and lap up every single one of them.  Every now and then, though, one will really strike a chord, and make us think, "YES.  It really IS worth it."

This is one of those emails, from CB in Missouri.  And it has officially started off this weekend right.  LOVE.

Hello Ladies,

I just want to thank you beautiful and intelligent ladies for inspiring me. I am a Mom of five kids, with number six due in February. Why, YES, they are all from the same man, my wonderful husband of 11 years! ;-) I'm working on my Master's degree and will be following up with Doctoral work shortly. I have always simply completed my part in voting by updating myself on the issues, voting and ignoring everything from there. However, you ladies have showed me that if we want change in this country and if we want our values back, I cannot stop at that. After this baby is born I plan to get involved in local politics with the Republican party. I'm very excited about it. I decided that I had to take my anger towards the situation at hand and become proactive with it!

I am 29 and a woman. A married woman with many children and an education. Although I don't plan to remain a stay-at-home Mom forever, I consider it a privilege to serve my family, whereas liberal feminists seem to think serving another human being is repulsive. I think you chicks are right~ it is important that the Republican party show the world that they are not simply made up of old, white, wrinkly men who are still living in the 1920's. There are YOUNG WOMEN who make up this party, too, and these women represent the current time period, all while holding on to morals that have, previously, made this country great!

Continue on, ladies. You are doing an amazing job! I hope I can make worthwhile contributions to the cause in the future, as well!

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