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Friday, 04/16/2010 - 05:52 pm EST

Prepare To Be Jealous.

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We got to have lunch with Bill Whittle today.  Are you just GREEN with envy?  Because I totally would be, if I weren't, you know, ME.

Our good friends at the Indianapolis Tea Party arranged for us to have lunch with Bill before he headed back to his crazy home state of California this afternoon.  And it was SUCH fun to chat with him about everything from politics, to college football (he's a Gator fan - about which Mr. Mock remarked, "That's a shame") to his visit to Gitmo, to his hobby flying glider planes.

It was Bill's first time to Indianapolis, and he genuinely really liked it here - so hopefully he'll be back for future visits.  He needs to meet Mitch Daniels, so that he can then go make a video on about how awesome Mitch is and how he is the CLEAR AND OBVIOUS choice for president in 2012.

Anyway, my point is that we had lunch with Bill Whittle.  We chicks catch all the lucky breaks, don't we?

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