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Friday, 02/01/2013 - 08:00 am EST

God Continues To Be Censored, And Liberals Continue To Be SO Tolerant.

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According to this, "The University of Michigan is accused of kicking an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter off campus because the group requires its leaders to be Christians - an apparent violation of the university's non-discrimination policy."

Alrighty then.  Because I know that if I'm part of a Christian Fellowship, I totally want the leaders of said group to be Muslim.  Or Buddhist.  Or atheist.  That makes SO MUCH SENSE.

(Excuse me while my eyes touch the back of my brain for a minute.)

And then there's this clip, which provides a plethora of examples of how God is being censored all over this country of ours, where - you know - God shed his grace on us and all.  It shows just how much our society has become politically-correct morons:

Of course, liberals are making fun of folks like Todd Starnes and Fox News for pointing these stories out.  As evidenced by the title of mediaite's Andrew-something-or-others take on it, "Hide Your Bibles, Hide Your Kids, Because Muslims Are Coming!"
Lamest. Article title. EVER.
My favorite part of this hilarious piece of so-called American journalism is the directive that right wing wackjobs like myself "should probably clutch (our) pearls as hard as possible."  You're right, tolerant liberal.  We're all walking around with freaking pearls on, just clutching them in fear of Muslims.   According to you, we're also scared of black people and homosexuals and anyone who doesn't ALSO have pearls on too, right?  While you sit over there and stereotype, I'll play along.  That patchouli cologne of yours goes nicely with that hint of chai latte wafting from your free hand.  You know, the hand that's not clutching some just-released Apple product that allows you to communicate with your crapping-on-cop-cars-unbathed-Occupy-buddies about how much you hate those eeeeeeeeeeeeevil corporations. And your disdain for people who wear pearls.
I'll wait over here for a minute while you ponder that and dude-brood over your unused Master's degree in Women's Studies.  Just let me know if you need a tampon or anything, hippie.
Anywho. Back to God being censored.  It's happening.  And those on the left LOOOVE this kind of story, because they see it as a way to paint us all as paranoid wackjobs when we say that people's RIGHTS TO PRACTICE RELIGION FREELY are being trampled on, but it just seems to be happening more and more to Christians.  Never mind that "a little girl wrote a Veterans Day poem in honor of her grandfather who served in the war.  She had a passing reference to God.  The school district ordered her to remove that word."  Nah.  It may be "indefensible" to most people, but liberals are still going to use it as a way to paint Muslims somehow as the victims here.  
I need to go get some more pearls, y'all.  Mine are just so worn out from all that clutching.
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