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Thursday, 01/31/2013 - 07:42 am EST

Socialism 101. Case Study? The Morons In France.

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So, you know France is a socialist utopia that's literally driving its citizens to run FAR FAR AWAY due to its 75% high-income tax rate?  And you know how their leaders just can't understand why taxing-and-spending does NOT FREAKING WORK?

To put it bluntly, France is bankrupt.

"Data from the Bank of France shows capital investment is leaving the country every day. Rating agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have both already removed France’s once-coveted AAA credit.

The President is currently trying to revive France's economic fortunes by cutting spending by the equivalent of more than £51billion."


To try to combat being broke, not only is he planning to raise taxes even MORE over the next five years like a drunken sorority girl on spring break with her Daddy's credit card, but French President Hollande has recently had the brilliant idea of making everyone shut their lights off. 

No.  I'm not kidding:

The ‘bankrupt’ French government yesterday set out a law forcing all non-residential buildings to turn off their lights at night in a bid to save £600million a year.


From July 1, interior lights will have to be turned off within an hour of the last person leaving the premises, while all exterior lights and shop fronts will have to be plunged into darkness by 1am.


The new law, which is also aimed at cutting back on CO2 emissions, comes just days after a senior  member of President Francois Hollande’s Socialist government said the country was ‘totally bankrupt’'.  

...Environment Minister Delphine Batho said it would also make France a pioneer in Europe in preventing light pollution, which disrupts ecosystems and people's sleep patterns.'



But they're going to make some exceptions for Christmas decorations, because they're sweet like that.

Dumb AND green.  But I repeat myself.

Ah yes, everyone.  Behold the SUCK that is socialism.  Now in the dark!



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