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Monday, 01/28/2013 - 12:29 pm EST

Yet Another Example Of Why Welfare Blows Chunks...

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Let's talk about the story of Danny Creamer and Gina Allan.   They're a 20 and 18-year old (respectively) living in the UK and living OFF their fellow citizens hard earned money.

I'll preamble this post with the fact that this type of story really, REALLY pisses me off.

Mainly because - like most of you - I work my keester off every day, have been working since I was 14 years old, and I would never dream of taking absolute advantage of other people like this. It's something I can't even WRAP MY BRAIN AROUND.  And I simply do NOT understand when it became acceptable - gloat-worthy, even - to be on assistance or welfare of any shape or form.

Here's the most disturbting and symbolic part of their story.  They believe that they're entitled to live off taxpayers.  They truly BELIEVE it.  In fact, they believe that they're entitled to MORE than what they currently get.

Gina said, "We don't feel ashamed for being on benefits. Neither of us have the slightest bit of guilt towareds the taxpayers as both of our parents have been paying into the system for the last 30 years."

You hear that?  Their PARENTS have paid taxes, so they're ENTITLED to live for free, y'all.  Mom and Dad did the work so they don't have to, you see?

She continued:

"So we are just getting back our parents' huge contributions.  The fault lies with the system, not us.  There's just no incentive to find work when we've got a better lifestyle than if we were to go out and work for 35-40 hours every week.  Why would we give this up?"

And I hate to say it, but Gina is correct - completely dead ON - in the preceding paragraph.  Why WOULD they work, when everyone is supplying them with not just everything they NEED - but with a 47" television, freaking leather couches, manicured nails, a fake tan, and awesome clothing and toys for their infant daughter?


This is what's wrong with welfare, everyone.  THIS.  And while it may be a story from the U.K., there are stories just like it every day in the U.S.  Since Obama's been in office, our own welfare programs have grown by 19%.  "Since Fiscal Year 2009, federal and state welfare spending has risen from $779.9 billion to $927.2 billion."  Roughly ONE TRILLION BUCKS A YEAR is spent on welfare recipients, you guys.   Unchecked.  Unaccountable in many cases.

And we wonder why we're going bankrupt.  

Now, before you bleeding hearts come after me and label me a heartless meanie right-wing nut who hates the poor, that is not the point of this post.  The point lies with the thought process (or lack thereof) of the couple described above and their blatant - almost smug - abuse of the system.  

The point is the entitlement mentality - a liberal-progressive one - that has obviously been an absolute CANCER to the U.K. and is also metastasized in the United States.

Sick. And. Twisted.

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