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Saturday, 01/26/2013 - 06:59 am EST

Why Technology Rocks And North Korea Sucks

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I've watched several documentaries over the years about how citizen prison camps exist in North Korea, but there has never been any real proof other than  the folks who have actually ESCAPED said camps.

But with Google Earth technology?  The camps are now VISIBLY EVIDENT, and that's a beautiful thing.    Well, it's beautiful if SOMETHING IS DONE ABOUT IT, that is.

Rights groups are pushing the United Nations high commissioner for human rights to open an international investigation into Pyongyang's "deplorable" record on its citizens' rights, including a system of political prisons that has operated for more than 50 years.

Pyongyang insists that the camps do not exist and are merely foreign propaganda, but the advent of high-resolution, free images from outer space has disproved that claim.

On January 18, the North Korean Economy Watch website announced that a new camp had been identified alongside an existing detention facility in Kaechon, South Pyongan Province.

Using newly provided Google Earth images, analyst Curtis Melvin was able to conclude that the new camp sits alongside Camp 14 and has a perimeter fence that stretches nearly 13 miles.

The facility was built since the last images of the site were released, in December 2006.

Here is a clear-as-day picture of a camp, taken by Google Earth:

If you've ever read or seen ANY sort of information about North Korea, you know that its people are beyond oppressed.  Anyone who shows any sort of dissent for the North Korean government - ANYTHING deemed to be "critical of the regime" - is severely punished.  If someone "praises SOUTH Korea"?  That's dissent.  People are thrown into these prison camps and are "forced to survive by eating rats and picking corn kernels out of animal waste."  Forty percent "die of malnutrition, while others succumb to disease, sexual violence, torture, abuse by the guards, or are worked to death."  This includes men, women, AND children, y'all.

These people go into the camp, and they are pretty much going to die there.  If someone tries to escape?  They're killed.

And now - with Google Earth exposing these VERY REAL camps, "the North Korean regime hiding and distorting the harsh reality of (their) unforgiving political prison camp system is no longer an option."  

Of course - in light of all this evidence - the UN wants to set up an "independent international inquiry" to try to UNDERSTAND what's going on in North Korea, as well as other "human rights situations in the world."

Which makes me want to punch them in the face.  Again.

These people are suffering.  This is suffering a'la Nazi concentration camps, you guys. And NOTHING is being done about it.

Aaaaaaaaaand meanwhile, back in the U.S., liberal women are bitching about how they're oppressed because you're not paying for their $9 birth control.


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