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Thursday, 01/24/2013 - 07:27 am EST

Thanks For Proving My Point, Ashley Judd.

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I'm sure most of you have seen our video response to the liberal feminists of the world like Ashley Judd, Sandra Fluke, and Lena Dunham, right?  If not, feast your eyes.

You've also probably heard that Ashley Judd is giving serious consideration to running against Mitch McConnell for Senate.  So she's been making the rounds to various parties and fetes and balls and galas and whatnot, rubbing shoulders with the Obamas and trying to endear herself to as many political heavyweights as possible.
And yesterday, as if she was handing me an early Christmas gift, she tweeted this:
That's Ashley Judd's "citizen hero."  And in case you're completely blind, those are Ashley's boobs.  As our video pointed out, Ashley is very outspoken about the hypersexualization of women.  She'll likely be furious if there is any mention of her boobs or any discussion about how completely on display they were in this dress.  She'll say it's "bodysnarking" or "objectifying" and she'll lash out at men for ogling and women for rolling their eyes.
Because HOW DARE you feast your eyes on her boobs, you patriarchal society-loving jerks?  CLEARLY, they are not meant for your consumption.  She clearly doesn't want you to notice them.  Clearly.  I don't know how she could make it any CLEARER that she doesn't want to be objectified and sexualized.  Isn't it just so clear?
The fact that a 30-something chick who made national headlines for whining about a Catholic university not wanting to pay for her $9 birth control is Ashley Judd's citizen hero pretty much cements every opinion I've ever had about Ashley Judd.
Hey Ashley - you wanna meet a "citizen hero?"  Look up Malala Yousafszai. THAT is a citizen hero. 
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