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Wednesday, 01/23/2013 - 09:26 am EST

Have You Ever Seen Talking Sheep? If Not, Today's Your Lucky Day!

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Did y'all know that Obama has kept every one of his promises?  That he's SAVED us from debt?  And that he's been the guy who's brought us all together, like one big family?  

I know - this is all news to me, too.   But that's what you'll learn in the following video.

You'll also learn that talking sheep walk among us:

I don't speak sheep.  I speak reality.  And that reality includes the fact that Dear Leader is by far the most DIVISIVE president this country has ever had, he's spent more of our money in four freakin' years than ALL PRESIDENTS COMBINED before him.  He's expanded welfare and entitlements and given illegal immigrants more benefits, all while dissing Israel, building up Iran, and engaging in scandals like Fast and Furious and Benghazigate.  He hides behind a wall of liberal lamestream media, believes his own press, and is too busy hob-nobbing with celebridiots in Hollywood and golfing to DO HIS FLIPPIN JOB.
But yeah - he's the best president ever, y'all.  
And I'M the one who's called raaaaaaaaaaaacist.  Whatever helps you sleep at night, libs.
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