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Tuesday, 01/01/2013 - 05:11 pm EST

8 Out Of 10 Most Corrupt Politicians Of 2012 Were Democrats. Try To Contain Your Shock.

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Now, before you haters go all "AWWW, DAISY, you're such an ANGRY MEANIE!" on me - you can consult this list before doing so.  I didn't create it.  Judicial Watch did.  I'm just relaying it to y'all so you can bask in the glory that is our messed-up political landscape of corrupt jackwagons.  And leading the pack on corruption and being general jackwagons?


I know you're as shocked and dismayed as I am.

Here's the list of douchenozzles in alphabetical order:

And there's an honorable mention list, too, which includes Patraeus, John Edwards, Janet Napolitano, and one of our favorite mockable morons out here in COTR-land, Maxine Waters. 

It's a lovely little list, chock full of details about people that are miraculously elected to serve, you know, US.  Work for US.  Actually DO A JOB and make a lot of (our hard-earned) money doing that job.  They don't get fired....they barely get slapped on the hand.  They just get overblown salaries and benefits most of us could only dream of (God knows they're all more than likely exempting themselves out of Obamacare).  And, I don't know about you guys, but they all make more than I do, and I'm not corrupt.  

So explain that "fairness" thing that you love so much to me now, liberals.  I'll wait over here.

And have another drink.

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